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Getting Started: Windows Domains at the UW


There are a diversity of Windows domains at the UW, with over 100 Windows domains noted during a network scan in 2007. As of 2009, most departments run their own Windows forest, however, about a dozen are part of a legacy UW forest. The majority of departmental-run Windows domains have a trust with UWWI, the domain, to provide UW NetID based authentication services and authorization integration with the UW Groups Service.

It is expected that many Windows domains will migrate to UWWI delegated OUs.

Getting Started

Windows Domain Setup at the UW
UW NetID Integration with Windows at the UW
    Cross Realm Kerberos at the UW
    UWWI Trusts
    UWWI Delegated OUs
Domain Controllers on p172 at the UW

Getting Help

Domain Controller Troubleshooting
Windows Domains and DNS
Windows Domains and Firewalls


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